DiDA Jewelry is an independent jewelry designer brand based in Toronto, Canada. It is inspired by architectures, nature forms and strives to find the balance between them. “dida” is the onomatopoeia of a drizzle. Drizzle is fine and misty, but it is also perceptible, as same as the jewelry. It is an art form that you can touch and feel. We see it as a continuous part of our skin and body. Each jewelry contains our feelings, experiences, and YOU, its future owner, will let it shine more with your beauty, confidence, and life stories that only belongs to you.


All DiDA Jewelry is handmade by Joy with her love and passion using traditional hand fabrication or lost-wax casting technique. As a conceptual jewelry brand, DiDA also makes sure that our jewelry is comfortable and effortless to match with your everyday style. We choose to use sterling silver as our main material, but 14k gold and different stones will also be available in the future.


DiDA Jewelry intends to be your one and only story-telling jewelry.