Top 3 Custom Ring Designs For Your Loved Ones

DiDA Custom Couple Ring

Rings are not only accessories but meaningful symbols of love, friendship, or any important relationships you want to preserve at the moment. All the lovely memories will be kept in the attentively crafted metal for a life-long time. DiDA had the pleasure of designing customized rings for many couples and friends in 2021. We are […]

How jewelry is becoming essential in your zoom meeting in 2021

Givenchy Jewelry inspired by South American Gang and Victorian-esque wears. There is a drastic change in everyone’s life in 2020, from the way we work to the way we dress. As we are in the middle of the second lockdown, online meeting and working from home has become the norm everywhere. Bathrobe, sweat pants, and […]

Why should we buy handmade jewelry?

As online shopping is becoming more trendy right now, artisans and designers are gradually showcasing their handmade art and crafts online. More options are offered online and you can always find some one of a kind pieces from these small business websites. Compared to mass-produced jewelry, handmade jewelry is more meaningful and unique. Especially during […]

How to measure your ring size precisely at home | DiDA Jewelry

Choosing a right size is always a problem that people will face before purchasing their dream ring! Today, we will share some easy ways for you to get the perfect measurement at home using daily supplies that we can easily get. We all love a comfortable-fitting ring! Ring is many people’s essential jewelry and it […]

How I start my jewelry business after graduating from art school?

2020 is a tough year for everybody. After graduating from art university, I stayed at home and thought about how can I continue my jewelry design career in this difficult time. After tons of research and experiments, I finally decided to create my own jewelry business online. Fortunately, I have had a few sales experiences […]